Work Process


One of the first things we’ll do is create a map to guide — or put guard rails on — the work at hand. Content covered typically includes stakeholders; needs; competitors; proxies; desired outcomes; key messages; alliances; revenue sources; projected time line; roles; infrastructure; etc.


A clearly articulated statement of purpose. The “why” of your efforts; the “where” you want to reach; the “what” you want to realize. Your higher intent is a touchstone that keeps the work on it’s true north, and the base where action items are formed.

Project Management

The nitty-gritty that makes it all happen: Critical paths. Forecasting and budget control. Team leadership. Resource allocation. Priority assessment. Creative problem solving. More.


My roots are in theater: when the curtain goes up there’s got to be something on that stage. And it’s got to be remarkable. Translated to the business world: deadline driven; collaborative work ethic; on message; embracing of change; the work matters. Make it happen.

Social Impact

Creative Change is dedicated to value/values businesses (responsible, et al), from start-ups to Fortune 50. If your business is part of the Impact Economy and you need a big picture thinker with a diverse and well-honed skill/knowledge base, then we need to talk. Email for more info or hit the contact link for more options

Memes Worth Spreading

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