Communications through the PR Lens

  Attending : Connecting Across Borders and Understanding Cultural Differences. I"ve been tracking BDI"s activity over the past few years and am excited to be here. The event feels very much like a "stand deliver" format. The presenters so far seem knowledgeable and smart. First up was Marco Franca, VP/Latin America for PR Newswire. Franca [...]

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He’s an Expert. He’s got to be right!

  Sorry. But the headline and the graph just don"t jibe. Today"s Times reports Signs of Upturn for the Dollar; that it"s "creeping" back up against the Euro. "Creepy" is more like it. I mean, what kind of metrics are these experts suggesting?640-554 There"s been a precipitous slide since 2002. Temporary stabilization has repeatedly been [...]

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Putting the spotlight on “you”

You"re dying to manipulate any conversation around to everyone"s favorite topic: YOU! Click through to Presidential Elections, a well tailored and tight clip from a new marketing toolkit. The AICP Show at MOMA is leveraging artists" networks to fuel a viral campaign designed to build awareness. Would that all commercials were this much fun. Congratulations [...]

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