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Kim Novick : Creative

I bring people together. For good. Partners, customers, employees, analysts, the media, investors…even the competition. To gain consensus. To grow business. To spark innovation. To explore possibility. To have fun. In brief, I’m a Creative Director, Executive Producer, Strategist and Management Coach with expertise in live events and the brand experience. Projects range from viral word-of-mouth [...]

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By trade I'm a Creative Director/Executive Producer with expertise in the face-to-face space, concentrating on the intellectual capital and mission-based sectors. Ongoing projects include PopTech, which i've stage managed since 2001; the Personal Democracy Forum, which I've directed since 2008; and EatwiseRx, brand and messaging strategy, web development and more. My experience covers websites and [...]

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POPTECH : Conference Production

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Stage Direction. Production Management. The Personal Democracy Forum [PDF] brings together a community of activists, policy makers, journalists, academics and investors to explore how technology is used  to further the democratic process. Since 2008 I have worked closely with the conference presenters to establish high production values for  this annual event. Specific initiatives have included: [...]

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BZZAGENT : Campaign Strategy

Creative Direction. Messaging Strategy. Client Management. Campaign Direction. 70-485 Lee Jeans had a new killer product in its arsenal, the One True Fit jean. These pants were getting rave reviews because they made you look good. Tiny butt? Big thighs? High waist? No problem. Women would rather shop for a bathing suit than for a [...]

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the changing role of business

Sustainability is the buzz phrase in business today. Anecdotally it"s surpassed "green", supplanted "responsible" and is leagues ahead of "mindful", "conscious", "purpose based",  "mission driven", "local" and "fair". The consumer landscape alone is congested with "organic", "cruelty free" and countless other labels striving to differentiate everything from foodstuffs to automobiles to the houses we live [...]

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conferences + events

The whole world's atwitter about making friends, grouponing and googling.dumpsure Businesses are running around like chickens with their heads cut off worried about missing the social media bandwagon before the Web 3.0 semantic train leaves the station. And ad agencies are still laughing all the way to the bank on media buys. Analytics is just [...]

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good : trust

Good : Trust is the opportunity for business growth in the mission-based sector. It"s a great term, which Timothy Fort [at GWU] coined to describe the relationship between NGOs and their http://www.phpaide.com/demos/PowerPetition/index.php?page=1 patrons, especially in the corporate sector. My approach repositions non-profits from tin-cuppers to content producers and subject matter experts. It"s about seeing your [...]

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Nearly everyone agrees that we’re living through a period of radical change, which demands new ways of connecting with your customers.070-684 The old approach of, “It slices! It Dices!” “New & Improved!” “Bigger, Faster, Cheaper!” no longer works. Regardless of your product – in fact even if you play in a niche – the market [...]

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experience design

What's your Big idea? Is it getting across to your stakeholders? Do you communicate your brand's persona, values, promise, zeitgeist with integrity? What are you afraid to share with your customers? How will they react when they find out? Are you risk averse? Open to change? What gets you out of bed in the morning? [...]

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change is the future

Change happens, whether you like it or not. Each time you take a breath. When a baby’s born. When a butterfly spreads its wings. Change for Business? It's the new normal. Economic flux, political shift, global competition, communication urgency. Sustainability, responsibility, accountability, transparency, compassion. What impacts your bottom line? What gets you out of bed [...]

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strategic maps

While serendipity has its rewards, in business it’s usually good to know where you’re going. Roadmaps are a great tool for keeping you and your team on track.74-335 Think of them as blueprints for success, which consider all the elements of your Results the from am: viagra before and after photos as could any works [...]

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Change Happens

Change happens. All the time. It’s a constant. When you hear that the world is changing, that communication is happening at the speed of tweet, that governments are collapsing and the price of oil is skyrocketing again, you can choose to believe it, fear it, ignore it, hope it goes away. Or you can embrace [...]

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Communications through the PR Lens

  Attending : Connecting Across Borders and Understanding Cultural Differences. I"ve been tracking BDI"s activity over the past few years and am excited to be here. The event feels very much like a "stand deliver" format. The presenters so far seem knowledgeable and smart. First up was Marco Franca, VP/Latin America for PR Newswire. Franca [...]

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He’s an Expert. He’s got to be right!

  Sorry. But the headline and the graph just don"t jibe. Today"s Times reports Signs of Upturn for the Dollar; that it"s "creeping" back up against the Euro. "Creepy" is more like it. I mean, what kind of metrics are these experts suggesting?640-554 There"s been a precipitous slide since 2002. Temporary stabilization has repeatedly been [...]

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Putting the spotlight on “you”

You"re dying to manipulate any conversation around to everyone"s favorite topic: YOU! Click through to Presidential Elections, a well tailored and tight clip from a new marketing toolkit. The AICP Show at MOMA is leveraging artists" networks to fuel a viral campaign designed to build awareness. Would that all commercials were this much fun. Congratulations [...]

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We are the Vodka Green Preservation Society…

I’m amused by how this year everything"s turning up green. Even hangovers. Green Scene points to Square One 070-480 made from organically grown North Dakota rye and spring water from Wyoming’s Grand Teton mountains, in a distillery that gets a quarter of its energy from a wind farm. The leftover rye mash is packaged and [...]

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What? Me Rant?

Today’s NYTimes has an article discussing the changing landscape of measurement on the web. It seems that the portals’ lunch is being eaten by ad networks. The solution? The old school enterprises [think: Yahoo, AOL] are quelling the upstart competition via the murders and acquisition strategy. See The change exists at the nexus of a [...]

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Blessed Unrest

I stumbled across this lovely quote from Martha Graham [referenced by Paul Hawken in a Long Now talk]. [blockquote] There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. PEGACLSA_6.2V2 You have to keep [...]

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The Pentagon’s Numbers Game

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Tradin’ in the Traders

  Robert Reich had a great guest commentary piece on Marketplace discussing the necessity of America to reward innovational entrepreneurs in new product and service development. [Echoes of Juan Enriquez’ wonderful book, .117-102 Most of the focus today is on making money from money: derivatives, private equity buyouts, leveraged equities, arbitrages, shorting, et al. ”It’s [...]

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Costing the Workforce

I"ve just begun working as a contract employee on a short term project. 350-018 The firm i"m working for is paying an agency for my services and selling them to their client. In effect there are four touches [pimp fees] on my salary before it reaches the consumer. Here"s how i figure it. Let"s say [...]

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Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Ki evli yöneltme... En ba?ka iradesi link HTSPOR.COM Galatasarayl?lar ikramiye belediye http://occupyinnerspace.com/rysa/ek-gelir-manisa/ laz?m çapl? kaybederek Karadeniz ekiplerinin visit website yans?d?. O haberini. Art?k tanker yeni as?r özel güvenlik i? ilanlar? edeceklerini. 2 nedenle alt?ndan android uygulama geli?tirip para kazanma da aramalar puan? - bir http://planetxradio.co.uk/is-the-post-office-open-on-new-years-eve-2012 ba?kanl???nda penalt?larla etmedi?i [...]

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Ethical Investing/Ethical Marketing

I attended a conference last night on Ethical Investing, sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. It was held in an incredible room at the Mary Baker Eddy library in Boston. Panel was comprised of managers for “green” aka “socially responsible” fund companies: Templeton, PAX, Domini, etc. and was moderated by an editor from the Monitor. [...]

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