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the changing role of business

Sustainability is the buzz phrase in business today. Anecdotally it"s surpassed "green", supplanted "responsible" and is leagues ahead of "mindful", "conscious", "purpose based",  "mission driven", "local" and "fair". The consumer landscape alone is congested with "organic", "cruelty free" and countless other labels striving to differentiate everything from foodstuffs to automobiles to the houses we live [...]

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good : trust

Good : Trust is the opportunity for business growth in the mission-based sector. It"s a great term, which Timothy Fort [at GWU] coined to describe the relationship between NGOs and their patrons, especially in the corporate sector. My approach repositions non-profits from tin-cuppers to content producers and subject matter experts. It"s about seeing your [...]

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Nearly everyone agrees that we’re living through a period of radical change, which demands new ways of connecting with your customers.070-684 The old approach of, “It slices! It Dices!” “New & Improved!” “Bigger, Faster, Cheaper!” no longer works. Regardless of your product – in fact even if you play in a niche – the market [...]

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change is the future

Change happens, whether you like it or not. Each time you take a breath. When a baby’s born. When a butterfly spreads its wings. Change for Business? It's the new normal. Economic flux, political shift, global competition, communication urgency. Sustainability, responsibility, accountability, transparency, compassion. What impacts your bottom line? What gets you out of bed [...]

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We are the Vodka Green Preservation Society…

I’m amused by how this year everything"s turning up green. Even hangovers. Green Scene points to Square One 070-480 made from organically grown North Dakota rye and spring water from Wyoming’s Grand Teton mountains, in a distillery that gets a quarter of its energy from a wind farm. The leftover rye mash is packaged and [...]

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Ethical Investing/Ethical Marketing

I attended a conference last night on Ethical Investing, sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. It was held in an incredible room at the Mary Baker Eddy library in Boston. Panel was comprised of managers for “green” aka “socially responsible” fund companies: Templeton, PAX, Domini, etc. and was moderated by an editor from the Monitor. [...]

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