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Change Happens

Change happens. All the time. It’s a constant. When you hear that the world is changing, that communication is happening at the speed of tweet, that governments are collapsing and the price of oil is skyrocketing again, you can choose to believe it, fear it, ignore it, hope it goes away. Or you can embrace [...]

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He’s an Expert. He’s got to be right!

  Sorry. But the headline and the graph just don"t jibe. Today"s Times reports Signs of Upturn for the Dollar; that it"s "creeping" back up against the Euro. "Creepy" is more like it. I mean, what kind of metrics are these experts suggesting?640-554 There"s been a precipitous slide since 2002. Temporary stabilization has repeatedly been [...]

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The Pentagon’s Numbers Game

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Tradin’ in the Traders

  Robert Reich had a great guest commentary piece on Marketplace discussing the necessity of America to reward innovational entrepreneurs in new product and service development. [Echoes of Juan Enriquez’ wonderful book, .117-102 Most of the focus today is on making money from money: derivatives, private equity buyouts, leveraged equities, arbitrages, shorting, et al. ”It’s [...]

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Costing the Workforce

I"ve just begun working as a contract employee on a short term project. 350-018 The firm i"m working for is paying an agency for my services and selling them to their client. In effect there are four touches [pimp fees] on my salary before it reaches the consumer. Here"s how i figure it. Let"s say [...]

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