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Change Happens

Change happens. All the time. It’s a constant. When you hear that the world is changing, that communication is happening at the speed of tweet, that governments are collapsing and the price of oil is skyrocketing again, you can choose to believe it, fear it, ignore it, hope it goes away. Or you can embrace [...]

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Communications through the PR Lens

  Attending : Connecting Across Borders and Understanding Cultural Differences. I"ve been tracking BDI"s activity over the past few years and am excited to be here. The event feels very much like a "stand deliver" format. The presenters so far seem knowledgeable and smart. First up was Marco Franca, VP/Latin America for PR Newswire. Franca [...]

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Putting the spotlight on “you”

You"re dying to manipulate any conversation around to everyone"s favorite topic: YOU! Click through to Presidential Elections, a well tailored and tight clip from a new marketing toolkit. The AICP Show at MOMA is leveraging artists" networks to fuel a viral campaign designed to build awareness. Would that all commercials were this much fun. Congratulations [...]

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We are the Vodka Green Preservation Society…

I’m amused by how this year everything"s turning up green. Even hangovers. Green Scene points to Square One 070-480 made from organically grown North Dakota rye and spring water from Wyoming’s Grand Teton mountains, in a distillery that gets a quarter of its energy from a wind farm. The leftover rye mash is packaged and [...]

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What? Me Rant?

Today’s NYTimes has an article discussing the changing landscape of measurement on the web. It seems that the portals’ lunch is being eaten by ad networks. The solution? The old school enterprises [think: Yahoo, AOL] are quelling the upstart competition via the murders and acquisition strategy. See The change exists at the nexus of a [...]

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