Kim Novick : Creative

I bring people together. For good.

Partners, customers, employees, analysts, the media, investors…even the competition. To gain consensus. To grow business. To spark innovation. To explore possibility. To have fun.

In brief, I’m a Creative Director, Executive Producer, Strategist and Management Coach with expertise in live events and the brand experience.

Projects range from viral word-of-mouth campaigns to half-time shows for the NBA;  VIP mission critical presentations to multi-day multi-venue thought leadership conferences; trade show booths to world tour product launches; and all manner of collateral: new media, old media, emerging media, disruptive media.

Clients have included many of the world’s most trusted brands: IBM, EMC, Rockport, Coca-Cola, Gillette, AT&T, Motorola and more. In addition to running my own production company I’ve worked for George P. Johnson, Jack Morton, Madison Square Garden, TBA Global, Karin Bacon, Preston Productions, BzzAgent and others. Case studies and examples can be found in the PORTFOLIO section.

This broad experience

Business Development, Messaging Strategies and Experience Design. Engagements typically involve a combination of services: Roadmaps, Creative Tactics, Research, Stakeholder Profiling, Cross Promotional opportunities, Assembling and Directing Creative Teams, Client Management, Budget and Resource Control…and that’s just the start. See the SERVICES link for more detail.

My work focuses on ways of leveraging an organization’s intellectual capital as a brand-differentiating asset.

I follow developments in tech, emerging markets and corporate social responsibility, which brings a fresh “big picture” perspective to otherwise siloed, often disenfranchised groups. Some associated memes are in my BLOG.

This website is about what I do. More importantly it’s an invitation to connect; to help you realize your intent.

CONTACT me, and let’s work together to bring people together. For good.

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