He’s an Expert. He’s got to be right!


Sorry. But the headline and the graph just don”t jibe. Today”s Times reports Signs of Upturn for the Dollar; that it”s “creeping” back up against the Euro. “Creepy” is more like it. I mean, what kind of metrics are these experts suggesting?640-554
There”s been a precipitous slide since 2002. Temporary stabilization has repeatedly been Providing a fixed rate for a data restore service is difficult. followed ???????? ?????? by further loss. Okay. I”m no expert when it comes to economics

[heck, i don”t even have enough cash to bother balancing my checkbook], but even a three year old could identify this trend. Looks like it”s blipping up before another crash. In any event, it took six years to get us here [another great legacy of the Bush administration]. Regained parity will not be a quick fix regardless of what the experts say.

Personally I”d prefer to hear, “I don”t know” instead of the bullshit that”s being served up.


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