How much is that despot in the window?


I recently had the privilege to hear Joe Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes discuss their new book, The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict. From their handout:

In contrast with previous wars — where taxes were raised to pay for incresed government spending — as America went inot the current conflict, taxes were redcuced. As a result, the Iraq war has been financed by borrowing, adding to our already-enormous national debt…The authors conservatively estimate that the total cost of the war will be more than $3 trillion.

Some of the hidden costs involve the shell game that the White House is playing. eg: vets are cared for by the VA which is outside the war budget. Moreover, political costs and the damage to our country”s good name are hard if not impossible to calculate in $ terms.

Also on the ticket was

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Paul Rieckhoff who heads up the IAVA [Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America]. Leslie Gelb describes him as

a vet who”s come home from combat in Iraq, still fiercely pro-American and pro-military, but justifiably furious at the Bush administration for sending Americans off to war without a viable plan for success.

The McCain/Clinton ticket endorses an $.184 gas tax holiday. What are they smoking?

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