strategic maps

While serendipity has its rewards, in business it’s usually good to know where you’re going. Roadmaps are a great tool for keeping you and your team on track.74-335
Think of them as blueprints for success, which consider all the elements of your

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project: messages, resources, stakeholders, alliances, creative tactics and more. Without it, your project may take a wrong turn, diluting your message, wasting resources and in extreme cases becoming inexorably lost. The Strategic Roadmap process typically involves the facilitation of a Thinking Group of project stakeholders, each of whom brings sector insight to the table. I create a safe space for participants to make mistakes, offer boundary-breaking ideas, reach consensus and leave with a sense of accomplishment and ownership. Techniques draw on teachings from CPSI, DeBono, Spolin, Appreciative Inquiry and more. The length, number and intensity of the sessions vary depending on the complexity of the project. The resulting document summarizes the plan developed during the charrette with appropriate pragmatic adjustments. Let’s talk soon to grow your business with integrity

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