the changing role of business

Sustainability is the buzz phrase in business today. Anecdotally it”s surpassed “green”, supplanted “responsible” and is leagues ahead of “mindful”, “conscious”, “purpose based”,  “mission driven”, “local” and “fair”. The consumer landscape alone is congested with “organic”, “cruelty free” and countless other labels striving to differentiate everything from foodstuffs to automobiles to the houses we live in and the airlines we fly. The Creative Class brings yoga, acupuncture and espresso to every town they gentrify. The Flower Power generation Om en Caribbean Stud Poker spiller folger en optimal strategi uten a gjore noen feil sa har casinoet en 5,22% edge. now sits on corporate boards. Ayn Rand? Milton Friedman? They”re being challenged from the left and the right. “Me. Me. Me.”  just doesn”t cut it anymore, and business from Main Street to the Trans-nationals gets it. The move to responsibility is taking place.

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