The Pentagon’s Numbers Game

The current

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charade in D.C. that’s attempting to pass as foreign policy is an embarrassment. GW’s whipping boy danced through Congress towing the party line about the troop reduction that’s not a reduction but really just a running out of soldiers. And, typically, in all the rants and raves about numbers of bodies on the ground — and no mention of the thousands of bodies in the ground — the issue of “contractors” continues to fly under the radar. Yeah, sure…150k US troops on the ground + an

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additional estimated 150k contractors: bodyguards, support personal, security, operations, intelligence, wet-behind-the-ears college kids from the NeoCon machine and god knows what else. Bush is scheduled to go on TV tonight to announce adjustments to his

[non] policy based on Petraeus’ report. Gimme a break. And, while critics are slinging mud at the gallant General intimating that he violated the Geneva Convention, this juror is convinced it’s the Administration’s PR team who should be hung out to dry. Speech writers, brand consultants, pollsters and spin doctors all.NS0-504
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