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Today’s NYTimes has an article discussing the changing landscape of measurement on the web. It seems that the portals’ lunch is being eaten by ad networks. The solution? The old school enterprises

[think: Yahoo, AOL] are quelling the upstart competition via the murders and acquisition strategy. See The change exists at the nexus of a few other trends: 1] Measurement as it applies to advertising is over-rated. It may be able to track impressions, clicks and surf-paths but – and my apologies to my colleagues in SEO, research and analytics – BFD. Numbers are just a tool that can be manipulated and interpreted 365 ways ‘til Christmas. They’re not a way of life, as the bean counters would have us believe. At the end of the day decisions are still made at the gut level; and sometimes regardless of what the data shows. I had the opportunity of hearing Kevin Clancy talk about his new book, Your Gut is Still Not Smarter Than your Head, which he describes as the antidote to Gladwell”s Blink. You decide. 2] Paid advertising on the web [ie: media buy] is going the way of the Letraset sheet. It will retain a large niche market [banners, ad words and the like] but the medium is different from TV and print, whence the media placement model is based. Learnings should be taken more from the telephone and its ad-free model. Marketing communications shops will still be in demand with the shift from the “agency” model bet online casinos to a greater reliance on creative, viral and PR-style placement; influencing, letting the grass-roots decide, rather than the [I can’t believe it’s still in vogue] hit ‘em over the head new and improved informercial life-styled pap that clogs the ether regardless of the channel. [This bit triggered by what Larry Weber is trying to do with his new enterprise, Digital Influence Group]. 3] Lastly [and arguably this contradicts the points above], is the mutual desire of marketers and creatives to have a pay for performance model. Dollars are getting squeezed all around. Agencies will be putting a stake in the ground, putting their bottom

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line where their creative is and making an investment in their clients. Partnering. See Greg Wilson’s post at Time Sheets. Registering as a mediapost subscriber may be required.

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